Our Story

khaki green leather bucket bag


In February 2018, Accessory designer and leather worker, Lee Mattocks, launched a new collection of leather accessories using hand craft skills and his unique interlocking leather seam system after working in leather since studying at Cordwainers College from 2008-2010 after receiving a full scholarship from the fashion brand - Jaeger. Lee, an award-winning Nottingham based accessory designer and graduate of the London College of Fashion, used the innovative seam to construct fashion items, such as leather art, handbags and accessories and they quickly became a ‘must have’ for people interested in innovative design and ethical manufacture processes.

Using state of the art cutting technology and traditional leather craft techniques, Lee has perfected ways of creating stunning and unique accessories without intensive factory processes attracting people from around the globe who are turned off by mass production from fast fashion factories where conditions are sometimes poor, wages are low and workers are denied access to fair and safe working environments. Originally called Mattox, the accessories were produced in limited editions and handcrafted in the UK and Italy utilising new technologies from expert cutting factories. During covid and after a shift away from utilising any intensive factory processes in favour of historical craft skills and his own studio the work evolved into, Lee Mattocks – Handmade in Nottingham.

Lee’s leather craft practice focuses on sustainably made leather art and accessories as an alternative to trend led and environmentally damaging fast fashion. Through promoting craftsmanship and the invention of ‘factory free’ construction techniques and pattern designs, Lee’s work meets a growing demand for responsibly made fashion. Combining historical leather craft techniques with creative pattern cutting each piece is designed to be handmade slowly and responsibly without relying on intensive factory processes. Originally from a fine art background his practice also continues to develop more sculptural and unique gifts and artworks dealing with very challenging pattern development and intensive creative sampling.

“I wanted to create accessories that were unique, felt luxurious and featured a strong design element. I did not want my materials or production made in factories overseas, so I managed to remove ‘factories’ from the chain through an alternative design process. I have created pieces that stand for great craftsmanship and craft products that are ethically made. I have been lucky to hear great things from people who have used them every day and for many years as they are built to last a long time. My customers appreciate contemporary design, quality craft and want to support British manufacture and innovation”

This A/W 2022 - the new ‘Small Delaunay Bag’ will be introduced after selling out of the previous limited edition larger pieces at the Bluecoat Design Centre, Liverpool, and online platforms such as Wolf & Badger. The Delaunay and Small Delaunay bags focus on geometric folding designs and zero-waste pattern cutting to create directional yet functional statement pieces that are beautifully handmade yet affordable due to the innovative application or craft skills and intricate cutting techniques.