Bucket bag colours and pop up shop

What colours can you find in our bucket bags?

We have now stated making the new bucket bags. We have decided on a range of classic colours with also a pop colour in yellow and a limited edition aqua blue. The bag is made without any factory processes in a sustainable way at and the leather colours are sourced from a responsible tannery in the Netherlands. How are they responsible? Well, when you make leather regardless of your standpoint on the use of animals the chemicals used in the production of leather are harmful to all animals and the surrounding eco system if these are released into the environment. Unfortunately this happens a lot from the research I do. However Wendell leather in the Netherlands is a silver rated tannery by the LWG (audited by the leather working group) due to their commitment to environmental standard and how they process the material and chemicals associated with the production of leather. This is why I use them because I feel more confident in how these chemicals are disposed of. I don’t offer vegan ranges because I’m passionate about the use of leather and overall it’s credentials as a sustainable material. One of the oldest sustainable materials in fact. Using so called ethical materials is not as ‘green’ as you would imagine especially if we incinerate leather to create another new material rather than recycle this waste. Our tannery offers a range of key colours and we continue to search for an ever elusive orange as we think this would also work well in our bucket bags and other styles and look forward to sharing any new colours with you all soon.
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