Bluecoat Liverpool textile art and leather bags

UK’s best craft galleries?

We are lucky enough to stock one of the best contemporary craft galleries in the UK. Although our leather bags are handmade in Nottingham, Lee’s hometown is actually in Liverpool. Always inspired by the Bluecoat display centre as a student he is excited to be stocking his bags in the craft gallery and he’s also a regular at Xmas craft exhibitions and events alongside establishes makers such as Margo Selby’s woven textiles (as pictured). The combo of Margo Selby scarves and bags are really stunning! Liverpool has always had a buzzing art scene and a wide range of museums and galleries such as the Tate. It always a great place for shopping and culture and the Bluecoat display centre is a key craft location right in the heart of the city. This year Lee will have a range of new bags available with some new seam designs and techniques online and also through craft galleries and we will be stocking some new places with our leather bags this year too.
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