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Turning textile art into bags!

Soon to be exhibiting at the Knitting & Stitching show 2023 in both London's Alexandra Palace and Harrogate, Lee Mattocks will be showcasing his new collections of innovative leather accessories:

”it’s such a rare opportunity to share how your creative practice has evolved. I still feel like a textile artist even though I now work with leather products”

now working solely in leather, Lee’s background as a textile artist was key to developing unique leather seams to create ‘factory free’ leather bags and accessories. By developing techniques and prototypes that don’t require any stitching, Mattocks - Handmade in Nottingham develops bags and leather art pieces that can be completely handmade and produced without any intensive fashion factory processes. After many years of prototyping and building up a large collection of bag designs, lee will be launching all his new products full in 2024. 

“I’m confident after 6 years of prototyping that the quality and innovation is enough to take my indie brand in a more ambitious direction. After gaining a following of craft obsessed likeminded customers over the years I have been experimenting I realised that there is a demand for these unique products and new approaches to crafted fashion”

Now with an extensive range of classic pieces in a variety of colours we will be sharing these new developments very soon!

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