Is yellow the new black?

Is yellow the new black?

Yellow is proving even more popular than classic black and brown leather accessory colours. Traditionally black leather bags have been the biggest selling leather bags as they perform well as stylish work bags and/or evening/weekend bags. Black leather bags are easy to wear with any garment and the colour does not go in and out of style with rapidly changing trends. So what’s changed? Over the past few years the growing demand for yellow leather bags often outstrips the demand for the classic black leather bag. Why is yellow the new black? Like black, you can wear a yellow leather bag with almost everything. Unlike a classic black leather bag, a yellow one will update any outfit to make it look more contemporary. With the rise in accessory sales over garments maybe some people are investing in accessories to update their outfits rather than purchasing and entirely new wardrobe. By adding a yellow leather bag to your wardrobe you can refresh tired looks by adding a pop of bold colour. Wearing a pop colour such as a bright yellow leather bag with black outfits creates a very striking look, however you can also wear this colour with pastels or other bold primary and secondary colours for a vibrant and fresh look. Yellow has also proven popular in winter months suggesting that this colour is working well alongside more somber colours such as burgundy, browns and dark greens.

Our leather box bags, satchels and saddle bags are often the biggest sellers. For me yellow has become a key macro trend in my accessories I make and design that shows no signs of slowing down as yet. It may even become more popular as people opt for positive ‘feel good’ colours as we come out of lockdown with a renewed zest for fashion and style. Having been licked up at home in sweat pants and casual clothing which can make you feel dowdy and drab after a long lockdown it’s no wonder this colour is on the rise as we all need something cheerful in our lives.

Other leather bag colours such as lime, orange and slightly acidic tones will also become a feature when we are all allowed venture out again. These will be paired with bold primary and secondary colours or with our basic work attire. What colours will you be wearing after the national lockdown and how do you feel your style and colour has changed during this difficult period?

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