Sustainable bags and accessories

How to make fashion sustainable?

After many years working in fashion and textiles I wanted a new challenge! I decided to make sustainably handmade leather bags and accessories without any intensive factory processes. How can you make a bag without sewing? This was the first challenge and I experimented with different new bag designs and creative pattern cutting to make a completely handcrafted bag. Using interlocking seams, riveted seams and creative folding patterns I was able to create classic styles of bags and accessories in a sustainable way. Inspired by vintage accessories, leather bags and accessories I tried to use these shapes together with my creative cutting and developed a whole new way to manufacture bags and accessories in a sustainable way. These new bags and leather accessories rely more on hand working skills rather than factory equipment and once the cutting is complete - often the 1st small step in factory production - everything else can be made from a small studio, at home, or wherever I need to at the time. This new way of working creates a distinctive contemporary style for bags and accessories created pieces of textile art as well and contemporary fashion. Using these textile art and leather techniques we continue to develop new techniques, innovative products and new processes to make fashion and accessories sustainable.
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