New bag collection handmade in Nottingham

How to choose your next handbag?

We are working hard on our new bag collection and currently developing the ones in the image attached. This part of the collection will be our core products and best selling bags of 2023 and 2004 and bag shapes that will take us across the next few seasons. Some of these best selling bags will be available in a wide variety of popular classic and pop colours and also some will have exciting new embossed artworks applied to them to create new limited edition leather bags. The embossed artworks will be inspired by our founders background in fine art, textile are and embroidery. We will be applying these artworks to our bucket bags. Inspired by the bags flower pot shape and petal seam, we have been designing an embossed metallic print inspired by wild flowers. This wild flower print has been inspired by a recent ‘accident’ and the need for us to develop some outdoor space at home which we will share in future stories when we have time to share what happened. But suffice to say sometimes when bad things happen something good can be salvaged and after a very difficult start to 2023 for me and my partner due to said ‘accident’ it’s planted the seeds of something positive. Theses seeds are blossoming into new bag ideas and a more focused approach to our collection as we rebuild, re-brand and move forward with our exciting new bags and direction. These new best selling bags are already finding their way to new homes and we have been delighted by the popularity of the new bucket bag we released a few weeks ago. People are lining up to get their hands on the new mini satchel which is going to be one of the most popular bags of 2023 and 2024 due to it’s simple and classic shape and functionality. This new satchel will be the one that we have been asked for in so many different colours so we are making this one in a wider colour range that the others and we are exploring some textile art options for this classic piece. What would you like embossed onto your bag? Would you like the option of personalisation? Do let us know in the comments so we can add these options to our exciting new range!
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