Transforming leather with sustainability: yesterdays leather bag workshop at Handmade Nottingham

Transforming leather with sustainability: yesterdays leather bag workshop at Handmade Nottingham

In the heart of Nottingham, a quiet revolution in sustainable fashion is taking place. Nestled within the creative hub of the city, 'handmade Nottingham' is not just an indie store but a beacon of creativity, community, and innovation. Owned by the visionary Rhea Clements, this space is known for its vibrant window displays that breathe new life into the high street. Recently, it played host to a remarkable sustainable fashion workshop by Lee Mattocks of Mattocks - Handmade in Nottingham.

The Venue: 'handmade Nottingham'

Rhea Clements has transformed 'handmade Nottingham' into more than just a store; it's a community center where creativity thrives. Her artistic window displays are not only eye-catching but also serve as a reminder of the vibrant artistic spirit that the high street embodies. This environment set the perfect stage for a workshop focused on sustainable fashion.

The Innovator: Lee Mattocks

Lee Mattocks, the creative mind behind Mattocks - Handmade in Nottingham, has been making waves in the fashion industry with his groundbreaking approach to sustainable design. His invention of the stitch-free seam is a game-changer. By designing pieces that interlock without the need for stitching, Lee has created a method that minimizes waste and maximizes creativity. His workshops, which frequently sell out around Nottingham, offer a hands-on experience in creating eco-friendly fashion pieces.

The Workshop Experience

The workshop began with Lee introducing his innovative stitch-free seam technique. Participants were eager to learn how to create their own bags, using pieces that interlock seamlessly. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as attendees experimented with the materials, guided by Lee’s expert instruction.

The process was not only educational but also incredibly fun. Participants of all skill levels found the interlocking design method accessible and engaging. It was a joy to see everyone’s creativity come to life as they pieced together their unique, sustainable bags. The workshop room at 'handmade Nottingham' was filled with laughter, creativity, and a shared passion for sustainable living.

Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Sustainable fashion is more than a trend; it’s a necessary shift in the way we approach clothing and accessories. Workshops like this highlight the importance of eco-friendly practices in fashion, offering alternatives that reduce waste and promote environmental responsibility. By learning to create our own sustainable fashion items, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

Join the Movement

If you missed this workshop, don’t worry! Follow 'handmade Nottingham' and Mattocks - Handmade in Nottingham on social media for updates on future events. These workshops are an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, meet like-minded individuals, and contribute to the sustainable fashion movement.


The sustainable fashion workshop at 'handmade Nottingham' was a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in driving change. With the combined efforts of Rhea Clements and Lee Mattocks, this event not only educated participants on sustainable fashion practices but also fostered a sense of community and shared purpose. We look forward to many more workshops and the continued growth of sustainable fashion in Nottingham.

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Stay tuned for our next workshop and join us in making a difference, one stitch-free seam at a time!

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