Most popular leather bag colours

What’s the most popular bag colour?

What’s the most popular bag colour in leather? This is often a surprise and can change for different brands and customers. People often ask us ‘is black the most popular bag colour?’ Years ago I would have thought that black, tan and red would be the most popular colours for bags and leather. Over many seasons experimenting with the most popular colours for bags and accessories we have realised that it’s not so simple!

Whats the most popular colour for my customer? this can be really surprising! Bright yellow is it he most popular colour, more than black, more than tan and also across every season outselling classic bag colours. This idea that “yellow is the new black” took a while to fully understand. Why is this colour so popular for bags? Well, for us, it probably just the most popular colour for our type of products and stands out the most as a contemporary investment for the customer. Investing in a modern pop colour with a practical piece of design to update an outfit with an accessory is a concept that seems to be key to our discerning handbag customer. Including yellow across all our products has become essential. Orange, lime green are other colours that we think would also meet the demand for more risqué leather colours that is ever present for Mattocks. Is red a good colour for bags? For us, not quite. Why red is not a great selling colour is still a bit of a mystery. It offers the bright pop of colour our customers come to expect from our bags but it sells only half as well as a bright yellow. Maybe it’s too classic and contemporary at the same time. 

What colours are you customer buying and where? The location of your store or stockist might impact on the most popular colours for bags and accessories. For us across multiple locations, yellow, even still, outsells others. However certain classic colours of bags and accessories are a close runner up and big sellers. Bordo or oxblood such as a deep darker red is a key colour across all seasons. Bags and accessories in oxblood continue to sell well all year round and bags in this colour make a perfect gift if your afraid how much colour your friends or relatives are prepared to wear. Racing green also has become a staple of accessories with a classic feel when used for traditional bags and accessories. 

What’s this biggest colour for bags and accessories? Khaki, khaki, khaki! Make your bags or buy your next investment piece in this colour. Khaki is huge right now and this colour will sell well. Khaki was a big surprise as a popular colour for bags and accessories because of how popular our pop colour are over classic bordo, racing green or black. However khaki speaks to people in different ways with its roots in military and urban fashion. This contemporary green sells equal to a brighter lime or emerald green and probably surpasses it when given the option for either or. Choosing greens has become so tricky. Due to this colours multiple personality of military references, nature, urban and also trend led lines and tropical’s, it’s become a tricky colour to source and predict for bags. However, khaki having a contemporary military twist with a firm root in the history of traditional fashion and references to colour in nature seems to be key to the colours success. Having such a diverse colour with multiple personalities to suit your customers needs makes it an essential colour to explore in your next colour palette. We continue to look for good quality khaki leather in the right substance for our bags and accessories so we can hopefully re-introduce this colour for our bags and accessories. 

What are the best colours to use for bags and accessories?

In conclusion our colour palette for bags and accessories would ideally include a great green! A green with a story not just in the history of fashion and accessories, but also a green with a twist, some zest or a deeper urban vibe. Racing green can be popular across the year but a green with more soul can really blow up! Yellow! Be brave, try it out and see how uplifted you feel  and how well it updates a classic bag design. and apart from that consider how to balance a palette across the demands of your customers needs and the nuanced ideals around the different locations you might sell or wear your accessories. And finally choose a colour your passionate about, be brave with colour and you might be suprised how well it works.




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