How to make saddle bags

New saddle bags: how do we make them?

Our popular saddle bags are normally created completely by hand with an innovative interlocking seam. This factory free bag is made without any stitching or intensive factory processes. This is made possible by using creative leather patterns and textile art inspired techniques to create a very sustainable handmade leather bag. This year we have been developing another unique seam design using a scalloped edge and riveted seams. The new seam design for our new bags has been made to create a more refined and solid handbag design and our new saddle bags use this idea. How do we make a saddle bag without stitching? Well, initially this took many hours of creative sample to develop a range of seams that fit together. We used a combination of CAD and CAM to measure all the parts and make sure the bag pieces fit together perfectly. When we are happy with the pieces of leather we experiment with historical leather craft techniques to construct the final saddle bag. As you can see in the image we have been working on a wide variety of shapes and sizes to find the perfect saddle bag. We sampled some bags with push locks and some with a classic bar fitting and leather tab. We decided on a smaller saddle bag with a bar closer as it looked the most balanced of all the other prototypes and it felt really solid and robust to last a long time. Unfortunately we decided that it is too similar to some of our other pro type saddle bags so these will be redeveloped into larger options or different shapes. We really liked the medium saddle bag but as there isn’t much in it in terms of size and functionality we decided to remove this piece from the collection. Maybe we will turn this into a larger saddle bag with a different overall shape to offer our “bag addicts” something different and maybe a work bag that can fit more stuff inside. We hope you like the new saddle bag and we look forward to developing the rest of them into other great products. The small saddle bag will be available in classic colours such as racing green, black and oxblood and also we will have a limited number in a dark grey which may work better than the black as a more modern option. All these bags will be crafted with silver hardware and we can’t wait to share the finished bags with you all!
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